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Innovation forum ´08

New initiative under the title VIVAT was introduced by the Czech Prime Minister in November 2007. This initiative provides the framework for coordinated development of science, education, innovation, application and technology. Experts' meetings and conferences were held under the umbrella of VIVAT under the auspices of the Prime Minister. These activities focus on support of pro-innovative environment in the Czech Republic.

1st Innovation forum 2008 took place on January 10, 2008. It was focused on support to system of research and innovation, research evaluation, the government's support to research, the way of financing, breaking barrier in effective cooperation of research institutions and enterprises. The aim of the conference was to define the basic principles of reforms which will enhance the innovation performance within the Czech Republic. More than 100 key innovation stakeholders from academic, industrial and public administration sphere were present at the conference.

Another Innovation forum 2008 activity with the title How to continue in tertiary education? took place on May 12, 2008. This event was prepared by the team of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The public discussion on tertiary education reform has been started by the presentation of the White Book of Tertiary Education in the Czech Republic.

The other planned activities within the Innovation forum 2008 will focus on intellectual property protection and on successful innovative firms' performance. Innovation forum is opened to any ideas and activities which lead to the positive development in breaking key barriers for pro-innovative environment in the Czech Republic.