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The National Observatory of Employment and Training (NOZV)

The National Observatory is an analytical section of the NTF. Its research work is focused on labour market issues - i.e. employment, human resources development, forecasting skill needs and both initial and, in particular, continuing vocational training.

The Observatory provides information about the development of human resources, collects data and analyses trends in education and the labour market against the background of social and economic changes. As part of the analyses extensive surveys are conducted, the results of which facilitate up-to-date information concerning specific areas that are not covered by regular statistical data.

    Forecasting skill needs. The National Observatory is concerned, over the long term, with the development of a methodology for forecasting labour market skill needs. The objective is to generate and analyse, on a systematic basis, information about future requirements for occupations, qualifications and skills. This information should facilitate the relevant understanding on the part of labour market institutions, educational institutions, potential participants in education and training, employers and public institutions, and assist them in their decision-making. The methodology is being developed in two areas that complement one another: quantitative projections based on a mathematical model and qualitative approaches based on analyses and expert assessments of future development in economic sectors (sector studies). Moreover, a proposal was made for incorporating the analyses into the system of public employment services, the methodology was piloted and a web-based portal developed in Czech and English version

    Research into human resources. The National Observatory carries out research into the quality of human resources as one of the factors of the competitiveness of a country. The Observatory team have experience in implementing extensive research projects focusing on inequalities in the chances of acquiring education, on the demands that the knowledge society places on the quality and training of human resources, the links between population ageing and education, and other issues.

International networks. The National Observatory is involved in expert networks cooperating at European level (ReferNet, SkillsNet).

Logo Ministerstva práce a sociálních věcí Partnership and cooperation. The National Observatory carries out expert studies for national ministries (particularly the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs), the European Commission, the OECD, Cedefop, etc. During project implementation it cooperates with foreign partner organisations (e.g. QCA - the UK, BIBB - Germany, CEREQ and OREF - France, ISFOL - Italy, University of Bremen - Germany, ROA - the Netherlands, ESRI - Ireland). In the Czech Republic the Observatory cooperates particularly with research institutions concerned with labour market issues, education and training and social affairs

Logo Cedefop(Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the CR, Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs, National Institute for Technical and Vocational Education, Institute for Information on Education, Centre for Higher Education Studies, CERGE), as well as with employer organisations, trade unions and the Czech Statistical Office.

Publications. The outputs of the National Observatory's activities are published in the form of working papers, reports and studies focusing on various areas of education, qualification needs and employment, and also in the form of statistical data concerning selected aspects of education and vocational training and the labour market. Based on such information, recommendations are formulated in order to support the development of initial as well as continuing education and training. The outputs are presented in the Publications section.