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Publications and materials issued in English and other languages

Education and Work in the Czech Republic. Praha: National Training Fund - Euroguidance, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs - EURES, 2005.
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Ausbildung und Arbeit in der Tschechischen Republik. Prag: Nationaler Bildungsfond - Euroguidance, Ministerium für Arbeit und Soziales - EURES, 2005.
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Career Guidance at Labour Offices in the Czech Republic Career Guidance at Labour Offices in the Czech Republic. Comp. by Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs - Employment Services Administration. Praha: National Training Fund - National Ressource Centre for Vocational Guidance, 2004.
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Counselling Services at Czech Universities. Praha: National Training Fund - Guidance Services Support Unit , 2003.
The publication Counselling Services at Czech Universities provides an overview of the current state of affairs at Czech universities in terms of the provision of counselling services, and contains other empirical findings. Moreover, it compares counselling services at universities in selected European countries.
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Seminar der Beratungsfachkräfte der Grenzarbeitsämter der CR und der BRD. Prag: NB - Nationales Berufsberatungszentrum, 2002.
The agenda of the seminar held for counsellors working at labour offices in the border areas of the Czech Republic and Germany included presentations of the education system in both countries, the description of counselling services provided by labour offices, their information sources, and an overview of employment terms under which Czechs work in Germany and vice versa. Attention was also devoted to co-operation between counselling services and schools, employers, government and state organisations, chambers of commerce etc. The information in the Collection will be appreciated particularly by those who, even before our accession to the EU, face clients who need information about the conditions in the labour market in neighbouring Germany.

Das 4. tschechisch-deutsche Seminar der Beratungsfachkräfte der Grenzagenturen für Arbeit in der Tschechischen Republik, Bayern und Sachsen. Prag: NB - Nationales Informationszentrum für Beratung, 2004.

Education System of the Czech Republic [leaflet].

The information leaflet provides a succinct overview of the Czech education system. It includes pre-school education and a somewhat more detailed description of primary, secondary and tertiary education. There is also a brief description of the education system's governance and funding. The Czech education system is well illustrated in graphic form.
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Études supérieures en Republique tchéque (volante)
Information leaflet, written in French, provides an overview of higher education in the Czech Republic. The Czech education system is well illustrated in graphic form as well.
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Ausbildung und Arbeit für junge Leute in der Tschechischen Republik (Prospekt)
This information material, written in German, gives a description of opportunities for young people looking for studying and working in the Czech Republic. The material also includes number of useful links in the filed of study and work.
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