Project OECD

Alternative approaches to financing of lifelong learning

Based on a decison of the OECD Educational division, there was elaborated a project concerning the financing of lifelong learning in the period of 1997-1999. This idea was interrelated with the "Communiqué" of Ministries Educational Committee in 1996, called "Lifelong learning for all". There were 11 countries involved in the OECD project - Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. These countries elaborated their own national studies according to the OECD methodology. National reports were summarised in the Synthetic report later on, where specific systems were compared. The comparison is not too flattering for the Czech Republic (especially in comparison with Nordic countries) because of the low level care of systematic adult training, which is not under the complex control of any central body. The entire absence of relevant statistical data in this area is also very significant.

The final version of the Synthetic report was revised by the states involved in February 2000 and it is to be presented on OECD websites in English.

The original Czech material, elaborated in the framework of the project, has been adapted into a consistent book, which was published by the National Training Fund as "Alternative Approaches to the Financing of Lifelong Learning".